Some changes to this blog

I had abandoned this blog a while ago. I had lost my enthusiasm for pursuing current happenings as the date for prelims loomed closed and I only had a couple of months to prepare the traditional syllabus. It was going to be my first attempt so I got a little nervous. Well, here I am now, with the prelims a thing of the past and the mains only four and a half months away. The syllabus has been changed considerably, though it can be assumed that the papers will be heavy on current affairs and associated issues.

So I have decided to bring this blog back from abandon. My plan is to update on a roughly daily basis, with the following topics and recategorization:

  • Post independence consolidation and reorganization
  • Salient Features of Indian Society; Diversity of India
  • Role of women and women’s organization…
  • Social Empowerment, Communalism, Regionalism…
  • Topics from history of the world
  • Aspects of the freedom struggle
  • Land Reforms
  • Investment Models
  • Energy security
  • Securty issues- conventional and non-conventional

and other things I would consider blogging about.



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