Vice President inaugurates physiotherapy conference

  • Physiotherapy is the treatment of a disease, deformity or malfunction, by distinct therapeutic measures like exercises, heat, light, water, electrical currents etc.
  • Over the years, has gained wide acceptance as a sophisticated and essential medical technology. It has proven its effectiveness beyond doubt for the improved functional status and quality of life of the concerned patients.
  • The VP said that in today’s world, with new and emerging challenges to human health, physiotherapy needs to keep abreast with these complex and newer forms of diseases and disorders in order to anticipate, prevent and cure them.
  • In this regard, theoretical research in relevant areas, coupled with development of modern techniques and technologies, are a sine qua non for providing a truly holistic health care system.
  • Physiotherapy has both curative and preventive aspects. Its affordability and relative facility in administering the required “medicine” makes it an integral and critical part of any recovery and rehabilitation program for patients.

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