Defense technology updates

  • Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL) is DRDO’s missile making lab in Hyderabad
  • Other two DRDO labs in the city are DRDL and Research Center Imarat
  • ASL is soon to launch the Agni-V (5000 km range IRBM)
  • canisterised launch: also called a “Cold Launch”
  • Supersonic Cruise Missile (BrahMos) and hypersonic surface-to-surface missile (Shourya) are both canisterised missile
  • All missile systems from now on will be road mobile as rail-mobile have been found to be complex to operate
  • ASL developed carbon composites for Agni’s heat shields.
  • The Re-entry Vehicle (REVs) while re-entering the atmosphere, have to withstand temperatures of about 5k deg celsius. Inside the REV, the temp should be around 50 to avoid equipment damage.
  • Same carbon composites are also used to cover part of our light combat aircraft Tejas
  • also used for making light weight callipers for polio affected children
  • ASL is also working on decoy systems to confuse BMDs
  • A radome is the front cone which transmits radio frequency waves. ASL is working on designing radomes for other tactical missiles. Special materials such as composites and ceramics are needed to enable the electromagnetic waves to go out.
  • ASL has made radomes for Tejas
  • ASL is working to put CNTs in the composite to increase their strength.
  • Research and Innovation Center is a joint initiative of the DRDO and IITM to do “directed research” with a focus on applications.
  • Collaborative research on technologies such as image processing, peizo electric devices, silicon nano photonics, nano-aluminium based solid propellants, cyber security, contactless wars, etc.
  • Advanced Research Center (ARC) is another joint inititative with IISc Bangalore
  • Image processing is a key area for RIC. It has been used for developing the anti tank missile Nag in the 80s. It has applications in unmanned aerial vehicles, interceptor missiles, medical applications, material anlysis, etc.

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